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Examining The Antimicrobial Properties of Copper

by Marcia Reece on May 26, 2019

StayWell Copper Germ Stopper and Copper Phone Patch allows you to personally fights germs in the most common places in our everyday lives.  With our Copper Germ Stopper, simply touch the copper wand to the inside of your nose and to your fingers and hands (or anywhere when you have been exposed to germy situations). StayWell Copper Products are solid copper, 99.9% pure for maximum effect, with a comfortable, safe use in your nose, where many disease germs multiply before they make you sick.  

You can use our products before, after, and during time in a hospital, whether as a patient, visitor, or healthcare worker. Rub your hands on the copper to kill germs on your skin and reduce the chance you will transfer disease to yourself or others. Gently rub the smooth tip in your nostril to get rid of staph germs, cold viruses, and other microbes growing there.

Your Copper Phone Patch will protect and fight germs from one of your most heavily and most frequently touched items each and every day giving you constant defense against the germs you come into contact with daily.

StayWell Copper is a powerful new ally in the fight to reduce the spread of infectious illness in hospitals, schools, daycare, at work, on airplanes, and even at home. Use all standard infection control practices, and add StayWell Copper to protect yourself and those you love.

Science proves copper kills germs. The science behind StayWell Copper is convincing; be sure to use daily for best results.  


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