StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper for Phones (4 Pack)

StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper for Phones (4 Pack)

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Cell Phones are the most germ-infested thing we touch daily. The Copper Phone Patch (4 Pack) kills germs without you even having to think about it. Just apply to your phone, use your phone the way you always have, and you're protected. It sticks firmly to the back surface of your cell phone or case.

Our products continuously kill germs 24/7/365, year after year after year without harming the environment or the users.

The Copper Germ Stopper Phone Patch reduces the spread of germs and kills germs on your hands and fingers as you touch, hold, and use your cell phone.

Mothers, teachers, doctors, salespersons, children, teenagers, young adults, sanitation workers, food service employees, public officials, receptionists-- EVERYONE benefits from the germ killing power of Copper!

This 100% medical-grade, antimicrobial copper phone patch, made in the USA by Veterans, will keep you safe from a myriad of germs.

Keep your phone clean and protect yourself and the ones you love... naturally!