StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper Backpack Tag

StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper Backpack Tag

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Whether you’re packing in the high sierras, or you’ve got a kid who’s hauling their books to and from class, the last thing you want anyone carrying with them is a full-scale germ infestation! 

Yes, germs do live anywhere and everywhere, except not on pure StayWell Copper. 

Attach our Germ Stopper Backpacker Tag on your pack anywhere you like, and remember to get some good contact with it regularly. You can rely on your Germ Stopper to kill off 99.97% of all germs merely by applying friction for 20-30 seconds with your palms or fingers. 

Super convenient, super natural, antimicrobial StayWell Copper.

StayWell Copper is EPIC!

  • Easy - Germ Killing Power goes everywhere, all the time
  • People-friendly - there's a StayWell product for everyone
  • Impartial - Germ Stoppers kill all germs, anywhere you go
  • Cool - Chemical-free & germ-free life IS cool. Very cool.