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StayWell™ Copper Security Badge
StayWell™ Copper Security Badge
StayWell™ Copper Security Badge
StayWell™ Copper Security Badge
StayWell™ Copper Security Badge
StayWell™ Copper Security Badge
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StayWell™ Copper Security Badge

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    Do you use a magnetic security badge or access card for work? Whether you swipe your badge to enter the premises, or it’s required to access a work computer, you know everyone’s hands have already been there - and that means it’s a high-density germ situation.

    StayWell Copper’s got you covered. Just attach a Staywell Copper Security Badge Germ
    Stopper to your badge or on the plastic sleeve and voila! You’re now carrying a weapon against germs - an extra layer of protection from unwanted sickness. The pure copper patch kills 99.97% of all germs on contact, and because copper has a halo effect, it will also kill 70% of germs within a 50 cm/19.7” radius.

    ✔ Most employees with a magnetic badge touch their badge an average of 60 times per day; the badge is
    swiped over very public access points thus it’s a great place to accumulate potentially dangerous germs
    ✔ The Copper Germ Stopper is deadly to over 60,000 types of potentially dangerous germs but does not
    interfere with your security card’s magnetic strip
    ✔ Specially engineered 3M adhesive sticks your ID Badge Security Patch to the back surface of your
    security card or plastic card sleeve
    ✔ Lightweight, small and thin, the patch is 2.5”x1⅝”x1/16”, easily fitting outside the standard ID badge
    ✔ Keep your badge germ-free and get an extra layer of protection for yourself ... naturally!
    ✔ Pure unlacquered StayWell Copper kills 99.97% of germs on contact!
    ✔ Tarnish is natural and does NOT affect copper’s germ-killing power, but can be buffed to shiny again with a 3M scrubbie (or by wiping with a slice of lemon)

    Important information - Legal Disclaimer
    StayWell Copper is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness. Its intended use is as a
    preventative aid in killing germs.


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