StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper Roller (4 Pack)

StayWell™ Copper Germ Stopper Roller (4 Pack)

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Don’t leave home without this germ-killing Copper Germ Stopper Roller. It's so easy to use: Just roll it between your palms to rid your hands of germs. It is important to apply some friction, as the friction of the rubbing activates the kill time. The friction will make it work faster than if the Copper Stopper just sits on your hands or skin.

The Copper Germ Stopper clips onto backpacks, purses, zippers, belt loops, diaper bags, dog leashes - anywhere you want to have handy access.

Our StayWell products kill harmful, damaging germs… naturally! Environmentally Safe, Durable and Exceptional Value.

StayWell Copper kills germs forever - never needs to be recharged or replaced. Our products continuously kill germs 24/7/365, year after year after year without harming the environment or the users.

Perfect for use while in flight as the same germy air is recycled every FOUR minutes.

Made from 99.9% pure antimicrobial solid StayWell copper and assembled by US Veteran.